Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bocor Pun Tak Pa!

Our Beloved anak haram stupid fucker Barisan babi MP...
Thank you to the rakyat yng vote...tahnk you...

stupid barisan najis MP


untuk boyfriend i

untuk boyfriend i

Let go Karaoke...

damage for the night....RM436.00..happy for 3 hour..hehe

Nasi Kandar puteri dah bungkus!

Padan muka Pak Bodolah dan keluarganya!

As a Pak Bodolah he had no time for the people of Johore, who have suffered the worst disaster in hteir life time and yet the Pak Bodolah had time to open his brother's restaurant in Perth.

Recently, during May Day/Loubour Day, (Pak Bodolah PM) had time to attend the fashion show in Australia with his daughter. May Day celebration in Malaysia had to be postpone to May 4th.

It is high time that he steps down before the country gone to the dog with him.

Pak Bodolah please resign quickly for the sake of hte nation and you can continue to sleep everyday!