Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ijok... 1904 or 2004?

Taking the cue from a reader, I checked again this IC no -- 040905745370 -- against the Election Commission (EC's) online database search.

I wonder if this Mdm Lim Gho, female, from the locality of 096 / 11 / 06 / 001 - KG BAHRU IJUK, was born in the year 1904 or 2004.

She could be 103 years old if born in 1904, or merely 2 years old if born in 2004.

Will her vote count this April 28 to decide the next elected representative of Ijok?


IJOK : 14-day notice required in 9-day campaigning?

bukan IJOK dah lagi...dah jd I JOKE!!! UNDANG2 BARU BARISAN NAJIS...!!
Does it take 14 days to apply for a police permit to hold a ceramah during a by-election? If that's true, how do you apply for one when there are only 9 days of campaigning?

This issue cropped up in the Ijok by-election amidst allegations that the Opposition's ceramahs were cancelled by the authority for being too close to functions that DPM ANAK HARAM Najib made an appearance.

IJOK...UMNO bole...Pembangkang No Way..

here come the maho man....ceramah pembangkang d gangu...
reason by FRU-Terlalu kuat suara mengangu ceramah TPM ANAK HARAM NAJIP..Mother fucker cibai lu lah...


b4 huh huh hah hah...

ah tong wah hotel

posisi sama warna hp lain???hehe.

Jangan Pandang Belakang part II

coming soon to ur cinema.....

ibu baru..

ibu baru..