Sunday, December 31, 2006

TmNut Streamyx is Screwed UP!!!

What da ….. . Why do they filter p2p connection? And as for myself, why must i stay with 1mb package if i just can surf the net without downloading at high speed. Thanks to JWGtorrent, Malaysian TMnet Screwed up users still can enjoy their Broadband with loads of download. Yesterday ive tried some tweaks to improve p2p connection and it works. I still can manage to download at 30kbps from Overseas trackker even at daytime (they filter less at midnight).

Comparing to JWGtorrent, i could download a movie (cicakman) at 100kbps.. huhu.. thats fast. I bet we can manage to get around 200kbps if TmNet did not filter our line. .. I really hoped that next year (few days to go), Malaysian broadband will improve. At least, plz give us what we suppose to get with our package. Im looking forward for a pure 1mbps connection in the 2007..

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